Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chef Salad!

So it's my goal, as a new house'wife', to learn how to cook. I can do the basics, but I want to get good at cooking. Mom bought me the Better Homes Cook Book when we first moved into 119, and then bought me a venison cook book... which I haven't really even used. Venison is still Nathan's forte, and I'm alright with that. I do pretty well coming up with meals and planning things out for a few days at a time, but then there will be 2 or 3 days where we just have Pizza Bites or something... and that's not healthy or improving my cooking skills.

Today, I hit healthy and involved! Went to Price Chopper, spent almost $100 on miscellaneous foods, and then came home and set my mind on making us delicious chef salads! First off, are you aware of how many varieties of cold cuts there are? We made a list last night and decided turkey, ham and roast beef would be good for the salad. So I (being budget-friendly) went up to the counter and asked for a ¼ pound each of Price Chopper brand turkey, ham and roast beef. "Anything special on those?" I didn't even know what to say, special things on the cold cuts? No, just cut. "Well, there's seasoned roast beef and Italian roast beef. There's off-the-bone ham, baked ham, black forest ham. And then there's multiple types of turkey..." So I picked randomly and ended up with some delicious looking meats. Also got some baby portabella mushrooms, a cucumber, and some radishes. Plus, we already had Swiss cheese, eggs and lettuce at home!

The cucumber, radishes and mushrooms all got sliced. The leftover bits, like peels and stuff, made a mini salad for Clover (my giant bunny). The meats and cheese got rolled up and then sliced. I hard boiled eggs... "Put eggs in cold water. Boil water on stove top (as opposed to?). Once water reaches rolling boil, remove from stove. Cover and let stand for 15 minutes. Then, rinse eggs in cold water." That whole process seemed bizarre, and my eggs ended up being a little under-cooked. I'll have to leave them in a little longer next time, I guess. Then the eggs got sliced. Finally, it was ready! We sat down to eat, I took about 3 bites and said "Hm, what time is it?" and realized it was 6:15! I had to leave for grad class!

I grabbed my books, kissed Nathan goodbye, and ran out the door. Nathan wrapped my salad and put it in the fridge... let's see how it tastes leftover tomorrow.

So, what's for dinner at your house tonight?

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