Thursday, February 23, 2012

First meal in the new kitchen... bust.

SO! The kitchen is not complete yet. But it's really close. All that's left is the counter top and the trim around the windows/doors... Oh, and knobs. Those aren't really a necessity, though. I'm still considering not putting any on. I think they'll finish it off though, so we might add them anyway.

I babysat the neighbors' daughters yesterday (all day), so I left a white room with no cabinets and came home to this:
First few cabinets! And a preview of the color! (Photo courtesy of my cell phone)

Woohoo! I was relieved, I wasn't sure how the color would look with the oak cabinets, I think it's pretty sweet. The amount of dust on the drop cloth covering the fridge is DISGUSTING. That's clear plastic.

Anyway, then I had to go to one of my night classes. So, I left Nathan hanging out with his buddies and hoped for the best. This picture is from when I came home from that class:
SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT!  (Photo courtesy of my cell phone)

So nice! The fridge is slid into place, the bottom cabinets are in (including the lazy susan, which apparently needs to stick out 6 inches from the wall on each side? weird), and the sink is all hooked up (I love our giant sink top).

Today, Nathan hung the last few top cabinets, and I helped him get the microwave hooked up (one of those over-the-stove with a vent kind). He was supposed to finish the counter top today, but a piece of it was warped so it didn't work out... After a few choice words, the manager at Home Depot said he can bring it in and get a replacement. (Keep your fingers crossed that it'll be in tomorrow!)

We originally decided that our first meal in the new kitchen would be venison stirfry... because it is FANTASTIC. Alas, that did not happen today. I came home from my afternoon class at 8:30, Nathan got home a little later... we were too hungry to take the time to make a real meal.

Mac'n'cheese with hot dogs? Yep, we went there. We had the hot dogs in the kitchen freezer (as opposed to the chest freezer that has an insane amount of venison and a few hams). And the mac'n'cheese got put into the cabinet last night during our organizing spree (We have so much storage and not enough stuff to fill these cabinets with... odd). So, Kraft mac'n'cheese with 2% milk and real butter (because we're not as healthy as I'd like yet)... and hot dogs boiled in water. Yum. Really, the idea of this alone used to make me want to puke. Now, it's one of my favorite things to eat when I need something quick. My favorite is when you add peas to it. We have frozen peas because Nathan doesn't like canned veggies, and they taste so good mixed in. Also, I coat everything in ketchup. Nathan coats everything in pepper... so much pepper that when I breathe, I can taste the pepper in my mouth. So, the best is mac'n'cheese+hot dog+peas+ketchup, but tonight it was sans peas.

I think I get this gross-food-combination thing from my sister... Oh, well.

So, what's for dinner at your house tonight?

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